Programs & Services

Our Services

  • We refurbish and recycle laptops and furnish them with software and internet so that they are ready to support online learning 

  • We support learners through their training by providing support services such as study plans, digital literacy support and more... 

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Our Main Activities

  • Refurbishing donated laptops

  • Providing laptops and internet to students who meet eligibility criteria

  • Providing support services to students to support their training 


Our Target Audience

  • students between the age of 15 and 35 who are participating in a Vocational Education and Training course

  • parents who have children between the age of 6 and 15 who want to provide online tutoring support to further their childrens' education


Who benefits from our programs?

Our programs are designed to help students who would not otherwise have access to online education and support. 

This includes students from low socioeconomic areas, regional areas where internet and technology access is more expensive. 


What's the need 

The Australian Household Use of Information Technology report says we are doing more online, and we are using an increasing number of connected devices. Our homes are more connected.

However, the number of people using the internet is not growing, and the basic parameters of digital inequality in Australia – age, geography, education and income – continue to define access to and uses of online resources.

            - The Conversation 

Eligibility Criteria

We want to ensure that all of our laptops go to the homes and students who need it most. As part of this process, anyone wanting to apply will need to provide evidence of the following; 

  • current enrolment in a course or evidence of a submitted application for a course

  • evidence of financial hardship (this can include evidence of being on a jobseeker or youth allowance or alternate evidence of financial hardship, please speak with one of our consultants for more information) 

Additionally, all participants will need to sign an agreement and provide a $25 deposit. Any laptops that are not returned will be charged $250 for loss of the laptop. Please note that all our laptops are tagged. 

Getting the laptops Process


Donator calls and offers a laptop


We send out a USB to wipe the laptop of all personal info


Laptop is dropped to a supporting partner locations


Laptop is picked up and formatted (cleaned, set up internet, set controls so that inappropriate websites can't be accessed, etc.) 


Laptop goes into distribution